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Share your story

If you were born between 1954 and 1964, and you want to share your story, record yourself answering the questions posted below and send an audio file (mp3 format) or video file (mp4 format) no longer than one hour in length to  I reserve the right to edit your story as I see fit, or to choose whether to publish or not publish your story.  I will only publish stories of people who complete this form. If you don't want those constraints, this forum isn't for you. 

To tell your story, record yourself answering these questions:
  1. What is your name, and what do you prefer to be called by me?

  2. What year were you born?  Where?

  3. Briefly describe yourself in the ways you think are important. If it feels relevant to you, include your gender, ethnicity, race and geographic area you consider now to be your home. 

  4. Looking back on your childhood, what 2 or 3 things stand out to you as being characteristic of growing up during that time?  

  5. What 2 or 3 major experiences did you have during your formal education that, looking back, affected you during your adulthood?  If you learned something important outside of a formal educational environment, you can talk about that, too.

  6. Thinking about the work you’ve done over your life, can you think of any changes you have seen that have affected how you do your job?  What are the 2 or 3 biggest differences in your work life from when you started employment to now?

  7. Name some world or national events that happened during your memory that were “big” or momentous events. How, if at all, did they affect you or the overall culture you were living in?

  8. Do you think family life during your adult years was the same or different than it was when you were growing up?

  9. Describe the most important technology shifts in your lifetime.  How have they affected you personally or professionally?  

  10. Can you talk about how you have seen attitudes change (or not change) about race, gender, sexual identity,  disability, and ethnicity over your life? What do you think about these shifts? 

  11. Thinking about everything we have discussed so far, what have been the most significant changes you have seen in your lifetime?

  12. Before looking at this website, had you heard the labels, “Baby Boomer”, Generation Jones, Generation X, and Millenials?  Do you think of yourself as any of these?  Why or why not?

  13. What else do you want to tell me?

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