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About Gen Jones

I'm Kim, and I was born in I'm in Generation Jones.  Here's what some other folks are saying about Gen Jones:

Screenshot 2023-01-12 100527.jpg
Interview with Jonathan Pontell, who coined the name
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Here is a new website with lots of information:

It's really terrific.  Check it out if you want to know more about Generation Jones.\

what is gen jones.png

A short video: what is Generation Jones?

To read other sources on Generation Jones:

Williams, Jeffrey J. and Jonathan Pontell. "The Generation in Between: An Interview with Jonathan Pontell." symploke, vol. 23, 2015, p. 485-511. Project MUSE

Pontell, “Stuck in the Middle,” USA Today 18 March 2011

Jeffrey J. Williams, “Not My Generation,” Chronicle of Higher Education 4 April 2014 (under construction but supposed to be opening soon)

Kat gen jones you tube cover.jpg

A somewhat irreverant take...

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