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  • Kimberly OLeary

As "Cecilila, from Langwarrin, says..." in Episode 8

I really enjoyed hearing from Cecilia Webster, a retired nurse and commnity activist who lives on the Mornington Peninsula in VIctoria, Australia. Cecilia discusses a wide range of topics. She is passionate about nursing, and caring for those who are ill and aged. She is passionate about protecting the environment. She is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother.

In one of her stories, Cecilia mentions that her representative (MP) mentioned her by name in Parliament, stating, "As Cecilia from Langwarrin says...." You can see the details here. Cecilia says, "...the measure of a nation is how we treat our most vulnerable and how we right those wrongs", speaking of the crisis in care during the Pandemic. Her activism is making a difference.

Cecilia also recounts her conversations with Vivian Bullwinkle, a Australian Army nurse with a harrowing but fascinating story, which you can read here. Bullwinkle went on to influence policy surrounding nurse training and other issues during her long life. It isn't hard to see how she was an important role model for Cecilia.

Episode 8 is a bit longer than the others, but well worth the listen. Pour yourself a cuppa, and listen in....

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