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  • Kimberly OLeary

Hear our third episode...Paul Webster from Victoria, Australia - and see our transcript features

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

The third episode of the Gen Jones Chronicles has published today. In it, Paul Webster from Victoria, Australia discusses his life growing up in Australia and Hong Kong, life with his young family in Australia and Malaysia, and later years caring for his mum and spending time with his grandchildren in Victoria.

I'm grateful to the people who listened to previous episodes and mentioned a problem with audio levels being different between the interview segments and the music segments. I think I have fixed that problem in this video, but let me know if this is still a problem. The levels should now be the same. I'll go back and fix this in the prior episodes when I get a chance.

I've also attached transcripts in English and Japanese to the first three interviews. I welcome feedback from Japanese speakers about how good the translations appear to be. You can access the transcripts on this website, on the Gen Jones Stories page, next to the photo of the interview subjects.

This project is still in early stages and I welcome any feedback any of you migh have!

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