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  • Kimberly OLeary

Published! Episode 5 - Brendan Cullen from Hamilton, NZ. Plus, changes to the music

I've been working hard on the quality of the audio and added fades in and out with music. Based on some feedback, I've also deleted the music clips from inside the episodes but added a playlist to the episode notes. I think that way, people can focus more on hearing the stories, and play the songs on Spotify if they choose.

I'm excited to publish my interview with Brendan Cullen this week. Brendan has really reflected a lot about the choices he's made and the changes we've seen. You can listen here. I find that a lot of his experience and engagement with society mirrors a lot of my own, even though we were halfway around the world from each other during most of our careers.

An added bonus to taking the music clips out of the episodes is that we can pubish the podcast on other platforms besides Spotify. I've uploaded the channel to Amazon/Audible and will explore other venues.

I really appreciate feedback. This is all pretty new for me so I have a lot to learn. Thanks for listening!


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