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  • Kimberly OLeary

This week...Michael Jensen, world traveler and writer

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

This week, I chat with Michael Jensen. I really looked forward to this conversation because I have been following Michael, and his husband, Brent's travel blog, Brent and Michael are Going Places. Michael and Brent became fully nomadic several years ago, and their insights and travel tips have been valuable to us as we ventured on our journey.

I was not disappointed. Michael talked about growing up in Colorado, and feeling pressured to go to business school - something he never wanted to do. In high school, he was an exchange student in Australia, which broadened his sense of the world. I had a similar experience in 1974 in France, and understand how that can give life to a desire to travel. Michael also talked about being gay in 1970's America, and how quickly attitudes in the U.S. seemed to change at the turn of the century. He discusses his non-traditional approach to work, and becoming the writer he always wanted to be. Finally, Michael talks about his concerns about public discourse in the U.S. today.

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