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  • Kimberly OLeary

This week Gen Jones Chronicles interviews Mable Martin-Scott: a story of persistence and focus

This week we hear from Mable Martin-Scott, a colleague of mine from Cooley Law School. Mable describes her beginnings in what she calls "the hood" of Cabrini-Green in Chicago, and her laser focus on becoming a lawyer when everyone told her it probably could not be done.

I had some bumps in the first set of episodes, but with some help from my daughter, I think I have smoothed out the sound difference between the interview clips and the music clips, and put some buffers in between the clips. This latest episode should be much easier to listen to. I've put on my "to-do" list to go back and smooth out the first three (the third one was improved but not quite as much as this one) but it might be a while before I get there. As for the transcripts of the interviews, I also learned that providing a link that "anyone can access" in Google drive is not the same as making it available to anyone with the link (go figure). I have now linked the transcripts to the website in a form that is actually available to anyone (involves "publishing" the share). And, because there was a lot of interest from our friends in Japan, I am using a document translation program called "Deep L" and posting links to Japanese versions.

We'll be traveling from Osaka to Hokkaido, Japan, on Wednesday and will stay there a week before traveling to Tokyo. I might get behind. If so, it will just bump episodes a week. But, for now I'm going to try to stay on track. I love listening to the stories and I hope you do, too!


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